A Greek Terracotta Statuette of a Young Man

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Object Description

A Greek terracotta statuette of a nude young man poised in a contrapposto stance, with slightly tilted shoulders and hips that pervade the figure with a natural, lifelike quality. He stands on a short pedestal and rests his right hand on the bent leg, whilst his left arm is raised to the waist, possibly holding an object or the long drape laid upon his shoulders. His facial features, hair, and anatomical details have been carefully crafted, with details brought to life through paint. The original pink pigment is still visible on the figure’s body and face, while traces of the original yellow and blue pigmentation can be discerned on the young man’s long drape. The reverse remains unworked and presents a large rectangular opening, cut in antiquity to allow moisture in the clay to escape during the firing process.

Date: Circa 4th-3rd Century BC

Object Condition

Excellent condition; some signs of ageing and earthy encrustations on the surface.

Object Details

  • material
  • dimensions
    W:6.4 x H:23.5 x D:3.4 centimeters

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