A Kenyan Mounted Taxidermy Bushbuck Hunting Trophy Dated 1910

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Object Description

Kenyan bushbuck taxidermy mounted hunting trophy, dated June 1910.

The adult full head of the bushbuck is mounted on an oak armorial shield with an ivorine plaque inscribed:

“Bushbuck Amal River B. E. A June 1910”

A wonderful addition for the game lodge or a country house decor theme.

In excellent condition, as seen in the accompanying photographs, the trophy displays beautifully.

Dimensions in cm:
Height 74 x Width 36 x Depth 45

Dimensions in inches:
Height 29.1 x Width 14.2 x Depth 17.7

Taxidermy is the preserving of an animal’s body via stuffing or mounting for the purpose of display or study. Animals are often, but not always, portrayed in a life-like state. The word taxidermy refers to the process of preserving the animal, but the word is also used to describe the end product, which are often called “mounts”. The word taxidermy is derived from the Greek words “taxis” and “derma”. Taxis means to “to move”, and “derma” means “skin” (the dermis). The word taxidermy translates to “arrangement of skin”. Taxidermy is practiced primarily on vertebrates mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, and less commonly on amphibians but can also be done to larger insects and arachnids under some circumstances. Taxidermy takes on a number of forms and purposes, including natural history museum displays, hunting trophies, study skins, and is sometimes used as a means to memorialize pets. A person who practices taxidermy is called a taxidermist. They may practice professionally for museums or as businesses catering to hunters and fishermen, or as amateurs, such as hobbyists, hunters, and fishermen. A taxidermist is aided by familiarity with anatomy, sculpture, painting, and tanning.

Our reference: 09366

Object Details

  • material
  • dimensions
    W:36 x H:74 x D:45 centimeters
  • period
  • year

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