A Pair of Tang Equestrian Riders

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Object Description

A powerfully modelled pair of equestrians. The horses are portrayed in an active pose with neck arched to the side, mouth agape as if in about to bite and ears pricked, the musculature well defined. Most of the original slip remains, with additional red and black pigments to define the eyes and mouth and to pick out the details of the equipment, such as the decorated blanket, saddle, and trappings. The tails are shown docked and bound and the horses stand on a rectangular base. The riders are depicted in differing riding attitudes, though they are similarly dressed, wearing a cap a tunic which covers the breaches reaching to the top of their boots and trousers. Details are picked out and enhanced with painting; the flesh in pink, their attire in red, black and some pale blue.

Horses hold great symbolism within Chinese art, as asserted by Mu Yang “Horses are the foundation of military power, the great resources of the state but, should this falter, the state will fall” (Ma Yuan (14BC – 49AD), a Han general and horse expert.)

N.B. Price is for each figure.

Object Condition

Very Fine, complete and intact. Some rubs to the painting but generally extant .

Object Details

  • material
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    H:54 centimeters

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