Acheulean Flint Handaxe

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Object Description

A flint handaxe presenting the characteristic and distinctive features of the Acheulean industry. Relatively large in size, the original stone was skilfully modelled into a bifacial, teardrop-shaped handaxe, with a projecting point to one side. Such shape was achieved using a hammerstone to strike flakes, progressively smaller in size, from around the edges. The tool bears the intentional marks left by the striking tool, revealing the manufacturing process as well as the natural dark and light brown striations of the stone. The old collection number is written in black ink to one side; as the note reveals, this stone tool was recovered in the Kentish site of Twydall.

Date: Circa 800.000 – 250.000 BC
Period: Lower Paleolithic

Object History

From the ex J. Edwin Jarvis collection, 1970s.

Object Condition

Good condition; the distal section is now unfortunately missing. Old collection number written in black ink onto the surface.

Object Details

  • dimensions
    W:8.4 x H:11 centimeters

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