Alexander the Great Silver Tetradrachm in a Crystal Pendant


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Object Description

An ancient Greek, silver tetradrachm, struck for Alexander the Great encased in a crystal bezel. On the obverse of the coin is the depiction of Herakles, portrayed in profile wearing the Nemean lion-skin headdress. The reverse displays the Greek god Zeus Aëtophoros, shown bare chested and regally seated on a throne. The deity appears holding an eagle and a long sceptre; symbols of power. The deity is flanked to the right side by Greek letters forming the word ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟY, meaning ‘the coinage of Alexander’. The coin is encased in a custom-made stainless steel bezel to the obverse, decorated with high quality faceted crystal. On the reverse there is a silver mount, hallmarked at the top, to stabilise the coin within its frame. The steel suspension loop is also branded with a recessed TP, in collaboration with Tresor Paris, the Hatton Garden jewellers. The pendant is hung from a silver chain, included with the piece.

Dimension listed below measure from clasp to the end of the pendant.

Date: Coin circa 4th – 3rd century BC. Casing modern.

Object Condition

Fine with some dark patina to the surface. Some details have faded.

Object Details

  • dimensions
    H:31 centimeters

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