An Important Set of 4 George III Sterling Silver Candlesticks.

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Object Description

This important set of four Neoclassical candlesticks were hallmarked in London in 1798 by the master candlestick maker John Scofield, and show the refined elegance he is famous for.
Unlike most candlesticks of this period these are cast and not filled, and are of a heavy gauge, showing the highest quality craftsmanship.

Each candlestick measures 12″(30.5cm) tall, by 5.25″(13.5cm) in diameter and the set together weighs 45.2 troy ounces.

Object History

The crest on each candlestick is that of Thomas Parker, 5th Earl of Macclesfield.

Object Literature

Although widely known as Schofield, both the clerk’s entry and signature of this maker are as Scofield.
There is no record of his apprenticeship or freedom, which for a maker who occupied such a prominent position in the plateworking of the late part of the century is surprising.
His first mark entered as plateworker, in partnership with Robert Jones, 10 February 1776. Address: 40 Bartholomew Close.
Second mark alone, 13 January 1778. Address: 29 Bell Yard, Temple Bar.
Third mark, 1st October 1787.
Heal records him always as Schofield, with all the above addresses and dates, and with 1796 as later date for Bell Yard.

In his candlesticks and candelabra Scofield displays a high degree of elegant design executed with impeccable craftsmanship, which rivals the contemporary French goldsmith Henri Auguste. It was perhaps the restrained taste of the period that prevented Scofield from displaying a virtuosity which might well have given him a reputation equal with Paul de Lamerie or Paul Storr. It seems likely that he worked for Jeffreys, Jones and Gilbert, the then Royal goldsmiths, and that he may have had considerable commissions for Carlton House.
Scofield is considered to be the most important and prolific maker of candlesticks working at the end of the 18th century, with examples of his work found in museums across the world.

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