Ancient Egyptian Glazed Faience Horus Amulet

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Object Description

An extremely fine and beautiful example of an Egyptian amulet of the god Horus in his hawk form, modelled in glazed, polychromatic faience. Depicted in a naturalistic manner, the falcon is seen seated upon a bluish plinth, with talons outstretched before it. The wings are tucked neatly against the body, and careful incisions make even the tail feathers discernible. Further details are exectuted through the vibrant glaze, including brown dots which scatter across the bird’s body. Similar dots in low relief are used to render the deity’s eye. Upon the god’s head is the Hedjet, the white crown of upper Egypt, here emphasised with yellow glaze. A suspension look protrudes behind the bird’s neck.

Date: Circa 1070–664 BC
Period: Third Intermediate Period or later

Object Condition

Very fine condition.

Object Details

  • dimensions
    W:3.4 x H:4.8 centimeters

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