Ancient Ninevite Incised Terracotta Tripod with Conical Stands

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Object Description

A well moulded, delicate terracotta Ninevite tripod, featuring a globular body supported on tripod-feet, composed of three short, conical stands. The vessel has a short neck, with sloping sides that further extend into a straightened opening with a slightly inverted rim. The upper part of the globular body is richly decorated with geometric designs, including horizontal rows of vertical incisions that alternate with bands of incised triangular shapes. Two horizontally placed lug handles, with perforation, protrude from the neck. The central perforations suggest that this terracotta tripod might have been hung with string.

Date: Circa 3100-2550 BC

Object Condition

Fine condition, with minor chips the rim, small chip and crack to the body.

Object Details

  • material
  • dimensions
    W:8.3 x H:9.1 centimeters

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