Ancient Roman Gold Ring with Apollo Nicolo Intaglio

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Object Description

A stunning ancient Roman gold ring with blue nicolo intaglio. The hoop is solid and has an ellipsoid form with angular shoulders. It widens towards the flat bezel setting which holds the engraved gemstone. The figure engraved is a standing depiction of the crowned god Apollo. He is positioned holding a staff or lyre in his right hand whilst gazing at his raised left hand. The design makes uses of the banded stone, with a lighter blue forming the surface background and a darker blue exposed through incision. This creates a dramatic colour contrast and draws further attention to the details of the figure. The visible banding also creates a beautiful effect down the exposed sides of the intaglio.

The closest modern UK ring size is G

Date: Circa 2nd – 3rd Century AD

Object History

From the private collection of the late A.B., London, UK. Acquired before 1989.

Object Condition

Excellent Condition. There is small chip at the base of the intaglio stone and some earthly residue in the engraved recesses. There are small scratches over the surface of the gold, consistent with the age of the piece.

Object Details

  • dimensions
    W:2.6 x H:2.0 centimeters

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