Antique Band Sampler, 1732, by Mary Facany


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Object Description

1732 Band Sampler by Mary Facany. Framed in a modern wood frame with glass. Mounted to conservator standards on acid free card with card and cardboard backing. The sampler is worked in silk on linen ground, in cross stitch throughout. Decorated zig zag border. Colours cream, pale blue, pale green, pink, gold and pink. Alphabets A-Z in upper case and lower case and numbers 1-10 Verses read, ‘CaLL ye nations of the world Praise ye the>lord Always and All Ye people everywhe>re For Great His Kindness is to us Wheref>ore praise ye the lord OuR God’ ‘OuR Fath>er which art in Heaven Hallowed Be thy>name Thy kingdom come Thy will Be Done I>n Earth As it is in Heaven Give us this Da>y our Daily Bread and Forgive Them That Trespa>ss against us and lead Us not into Temptatati>on But deliver us from Evil Amen’ ‘I Thou shalt Have none other Gods But me Thou shalt not make to thy self Any Gra>ven nor likeness of any Thing that is>in Heaven aBove or in the Earth Beneath> oR in the water under the Earth Thou sha>lt not Bow Down to Them nor worship them>For I the Lord thy God am jealous God an>d visit the sins of the fathers upon the ch>ildren unto the third and fourth Generatio>nof them that hate me and show mercy un>to Thousands in them that love me And keep my commandments’. Signed and dated, ‘Mary Facany Is my name And EnGland IS my nation Hoxton is my Dwelling place And Christ is My salvation SeptemBer the 28 1732’ . Placename Hoxton is an area of East London in England. A few motifs including hearts and diamonds

Object Condition

Very good. No holes. No stains. No stitch losses. Colours are slightly faded, but still well defined. No colour run. Frame in good condition, ready to hang.

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