Antique George I Silver Coffee Pot

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Object Description

An early antique silver coffee pot (or chocolate pot) with domed lid and beautifully grained fruit wood side handle. Dates from the first year of George I’s reign. The elegant plain style, with simple reed borders, has the straight lined octagonal shape which is a very rare and desirable feature. The decorative strapwork handle supports are also functional as Britannia standard silver is purer and therefore a softer silver.

Contains 1000ml.
Weight 1098 grams, 35.3 troy ounces.
Height 26.6cm. Diameter 15.25cm (widest point of body).
London 1715.
Maker Martin Stockar.
Britannia standard silver.

Marks. Stamped underneath with a full set of English silver hallmarks and incised date “1715”. The lid edge has the lion mark.

Britannia Standard. In 1696 the silversmiths were forbidden to use the sterling standard for their wares, but had to use a new higher standard, 95.8 per cent with new hallmarks – “the figure of a woman commonly called Britannia” and the lion’s head erased (torn off at the neck) replacing the lion passant and the leopard’s head crowned. This continued until the old standard of 92.5 per cent was restored in 1720.

Maker: Martin Stockar

Martin Stockar, London silversmith, originally from Kent, apprenticed to Michael Fenton 1688, free 1695. 1st mark entered as largeworker probably 1697 on commencement of the register. 2nd mark in partnership with Edward Peacock 1705. 3rd mark alone.

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Object Literature

Coffee and chocolate were brought to England in the mid 17th century and were established as part of social life by the end of the century. Coffee pots can be found from the 1680’s onwards. Initially, these tall form pots were used for both coffee and chocolate however we now term chocolate pots to be those with either a removable finial or removable lid for inserting a swizzle stick. We also nominate some early side handled pots as chocolate pots.

Object Condition

The silver pot is in very good condition. The octagonal sides are good at the edges. This pot has been tested for water retention and does not leak. Shows moderate signs of wear commensurate with age as would be expected.

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