Antique Silver Card Cases

GBP 175.00

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Object Description

Selection of solid silver card cases sold separately: 

From left to right:

1.Engraved Silver Card Case. 9.70cm high x 7.20cm wide x 1.00cm deep 2.90 oz. Silversmiths: John Charles Lowe. Hatton Garden London 1903. £275.00 

2.Silver card case beautifully engraved. Hinged top opening. 8.00cm high x 4.70cm wide x 0.70cm deep 1.38oz Silversmith: George Unite Birmingham 1879 £175.00 

3. Beautifully engraved Visiting Silver Card Case with hinged lid. 9.00cm high x 7.25cm wide x 0.90cm deep 2.40 oz Silversmith: William Hayes Spencer Street Birmingham 1907. £ 245.00 

GBP 175.00-275.00

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