Apulian Blackware Guttos

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Object Description

A Greek blackware guttos from Southern Italy. It features a high-angled flared spout and single looped handle. The central filling hole features a pronounced ridge and within it a trilobite shaped hole, where the lid would possibly be secured by screwing originally. The body is decorated with vertical ribs around the perimeter, and a band of dotted decoration along the filling hole. The vessel sits on a raised circular ridge. Most of the original black glaze has rubbed off, revealing the rich red terracotta the vessel is made of.  The guttos was a vessel used primarily for refilling oil lamps, though they often also served a decorative purpose.

Object History

From a specialist collection of Roman oil lamps formed by Roberton Brockie (deceased), all acquired before 2008 from a central London ADA gallery.

Object Condition

Fine condition. Most of the original black glaze missing, otherwise complete and intact.

Object Details

  • material
  • dimensions
    W:10.5 x H:4.8 centimeters

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