Object Description

A Byzantine bronze enkolpion inscribed on both sides, hinged at the top and bottom; large loop for suspension. The obverse depicts a crucified Christ, arms outstretched as he hangs on the cross. A halo surrounds his head and careful attention has been paid to his clothing, depicting him in a tight fighting robe with diagonal detailing. The reverse depicts the Mother of God, robed and head covered. Her arms are raised in the orans position, praying for the owner of the cross. Above her head is the Greek inscription ΜPΘΥ, abbreviated from the phrase Μήτηρ (του) Θεοῦ and meaning Mother of God.

Such items would have been worn and used to hold relics, such as a piece of a significant religious item (e.g a piece of the True Cross) or of something belonging to a saint (e.g a piece of hair or a bone fragment).

c. 10-12th century A.D.

Stand included with item.

Object Classification

  • material
  • dimensions
    W:4.6 x H:9.8 centimeters

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