c.1900 floral enamelled shaded uranium lemon satin glass vase, Thomas Webb

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Object Description

An exceptional shaft and gourd cased shaded lemon over white satin vase, masterfully hand decorated in raised and flat polychrome enamels with chrysanthemums, leaf sprigs, and a large butterfly. Circa 1890-1900, faint pencil numbers to the under-base “67/4”, “le” or “6/-“, “L27/2” (number 7s are English not Continental which have a bar through the down stroke) otherwise unmarked. However, based on marked examples with identical decoration, there can be no doubt the vase is by Thomas Webb.

Object Condition

minor rubbing to the decoration; minor age and use wear; nothing further found; reacts strongly to ultraviolet/blacklight.

Object Details

  • dimensions
    W:13.5cm/5.5in x H:30cm/12in centimeters
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