Collection of Seventeen Ancient Bronze Age Anatolian Marble Idols ‘Stargazers’


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Object Description

A Collection of Seventeen Ancient Bronze Age Anatolian Marble Idols ‘Stargazers’ the upward gazing heads of Killiya Type
Early Bronze Age II Chalcolithic Period

3200 – 2500 BC

Size: 2cm high, 2.5cm wide, 2cm deep – ¾ ins high, 1 ins wide, ¾ ins deep (min)
3.5cm high, 6cm wide, 4.5cm deep – 1¼ ins high, 2¼ ins wide, 1¾ ins deep (max)
15.5cm high, 21cm wide, 21cm deep – 6 ins high, 8¼ ins wide, 8¼ ins deep (base)

Object History

Ex Ernst Schimdt collection Zurich
Acquired 1970’s
Ex Private English collection
Acquired Christies 2011
Ex Private English collection

Object Literature

The ancient kingdoms of Anatolia occupied most of what is now modern Turkey. An area referred to as the ‘ancient near east’, considered one of the cradles of civilisation. It was here that intensive agriculture was first practised and this led to the rise of dense urban settlements, the development of centralised government, and organised religion and warfare. It also saw the creation of the first currency anywhere in the world, and codes of law. Early advances were made that laid the foundations of astronomy and mathematics and the invention of the wheel.

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