Object Description

An intact Byzantine bronze cross, formed of two halves with suspension loop at the top and a hinge at the bottom. One side features an incised depiction of Christ in orans position, draped in long robes with a cloak over. The other side most likely features crucified Christ. Orthodox Christianity placed great emphasis on the possession and wearing of relics. Most often they would be something that was believed to have come into contact with the body of the saint or Christ himself, such as a piece of the cross, linen, hair or bones. It was believed to transmit the person’s essence. It is likely that this reliquary once held a piece like that.
Period: 10th – 12th century

Object Condition

Very fine, some rust to the hinges and the loop. Patina covers the surfaces.

Object Classification

  • material
  • dimensions
    H:7.5 centimeters

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