Duke of York Medicine Chest

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Object Description

Magnificent Duke Of York Medicine Chest, made of solid Mahogany with brass carry handles, hinges, escutcheon and engraved plaque on the top. The plaque Reads:
Arthur Charles Copeman M. B. 1848, Alfred Heathcote Copeman BA, M, R, C, L. 1894

Once the Medicine cabinet is unlocked the lid can be lifted to reveal eight hinged tins and four tall glass jars all neatly housed in individual compartments. With the lid opened the front door release gives you access revealing five more jars each with their original medicine labels and with some still containing original contents! You will also see four drawers with turned bone handles and beautiful dovetail joints. Two are vacant, one contains two tiny containers similar to those in the top of the box, and the other drawer has two sliding topped compartments sealing whatever secret remedy they had made.

This apothecary cabinet also has a rear door, again can only be accessed once the cabinet is unlocked and when the lid has been raised. When opened reveals six medicine jars including three poison jars Labelled: “Laudanum poison” and “Poison”. The other three apothecary jars are labelled “Acetic Acid, Cascara Sagrada, Liquid Paraffin”.

This apothecary cabinet comes with a fully working lock and tasselled key. The key must be turned clockwise to unlock.

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