Early Dynastic Alabaster Feline Sculpture

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Object Description

A Mesopotamian votive statuette of a feline, possibly a lion or a panther, finely carved in alabaster. The piece can be dated to the Early Dynastic period, circa 2900-2350 B.C. The feline appears in a recumbent position, resting on a flat base, with its legs tucked under its body. The artist has achieved an extremely realistic rendering of the feline’s elegant contour, with much attention given to the portrayal of its anatomical details. The feline’s entire body is contained within a single, unbroken line, accentuating its powerful body’s figure. Its almond-shaped eyes appear shallowly recessed, pigments or shell inlays might once have been applied or embedded inside its eyes.

Date: Circa 2900-2350 BC

Period: Early Dynastic

Object Condition

Very fine condition, complete and intact, with visible black pigment at mouth. The piece has been mounted on a custom made stand, ideal for display.

Object Details

  • material
  • dimensions
    W:4.2 x H:4.5 x D:9.1 centimeters

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