Early English self-recording Display Barometer & Clock

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Object Description

A super quality c.1870s early recording barometer and clock in an oak display case, originally designed for public use. The piece is fully original and intact and functioning, but will be sold with clock and barograph mechanisms overhauled.

Both clock and barometer have matching 7” silvered dials, finely engraved and wax filled, bearing the makers’ name, I.P. Cutts, Sutton & Sons, Sheffield.  In between the two is a self-recording barometer drum (barograph). This is loaded with a fresh chart each week.

Below this is a Dimenuon mercury thermometer which records minimum and maximum temperatures since it was last reset. Resetting is done manually by passing a magnet over the top.

The eight day clock has a well engineered fusee timepiece movement. The original pendulum has the rating nut above the bob for ease of adjustment.  The dial has an outer minute track, and subsidiary seconds dial with an unusual Y-shaped hand.

The barometer scale measures 28 to 31 inches of barometric pressure. It drives the vertical movement of the lead nib up and down the scale matching the pressure changes displayed on the barometer dial. This is achieved using a simple but well engineered pulley system, unlike others we have seen.

The central recording drum is driven by a series of gears which link to the clock movement. The clock also manipulates the nib to make contact with the recording paper once an hour. This results in a dotted liner trace rather than the normal solid line seen on domestic barographs. Every 15 minutes the clock gearing jogs the barometer mechanism through a cam and lever to overcome any friction and ensure a precise barometric reading. This is akin to tapping your barometer at home, but here it happens automatically. In addition there is a return spring to pull down the nib to keep it under balanced tension. This is so that its downwards tension is not simply relying on gravity.

The makers Cutts and Sutton each had Royal appointments to Queen Victoria, and this piece demonstrates the quality of workmanship that would have earned them these appointments.

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