Eastern Han Terracotta Kneeling Wet Nurse Figurine


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Object Description

A finely moulded Eastern Han wet nurse (rumu) terracotta figurine, depicts a wet nurse in a kneeling position, holding an infant in front of her chest. She is portrayed wearing a typical Han court garment that consists of a tight inner chemise known as shenyi and a loose outer robe with wide sleeves and a tapering hem, known as qujupao. The rich draperies on her garments are finely expressed through confident and precise grooves of different depths, echoing the finely moulded ridge shaping her V-necked collar. The rear of her qujupao flares out evenly at an elegant angle in profile, accentuating her elegant body curves when kneeling. Her hair is neatly tied in a high coiffure with a semicircular bun flanked by two chignons. Her facial features are turned into a sincere smile as she gently gazes at the baby. Her grooved, elongated eyes and eyebrows, a modelled nose and sensual lips are naturalistically and delicately rendered in characteristic Han style.

Date: AD 25- 220
Period: Eastern Han Dynasty

Object History

From the collection of a West Country gentleman, formed in 1970s

Object Condition

Good condition.

Object Details

  • material
  • dimensions
    W:99 x H:24 centimeters

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