Egyptian New Kingdom Necklace of Faience Gold and Jasper Elements

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Object Description

A beautiful Egyptian necklace, restrung in the Egyptian way with original beads and pendants. The tubular beads are of glazed bright turquoise faience, interspersed at regular intervals with jasper beads and formed into four loops at the bottom through the incorporation of three gold pendants in lotus leaf form, each with three seperate cells inset with black onyx cloisons, flat gold plate reverse. Fastened with a modern clasp.

The ancient Egyptians loved fine jewellery. All from Pharaohs and princesses to artisans and peasants adorned themselves in life and in death and consequently left a wealth of material to be marvelled at. Necklaces, bangles, rings and amulets testify to the prosperity taste and craftsmanship of those far distant times.

New Kingdom period: Circa 1550-1070 BC.

From an English private collection; formerly from an early 20th century Belgium collection.

Object Details

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    W:44 x centimeters

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