Flemish Late Renaissance Bronze Statuette of the Risen Christ

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Object Description

A Fine Flemish Late Renaissance Bronze Statuette of the Risen Christ with Flowing Hair and Beard His Hand Indicating His Wound Signifying His Death and His Rising in Glory from the Tomb
Hollow cast brassy brown natural patina with traces of old gilding
His left hand once holding the banner of the resurrection
Late 16th Century – Early 17th Century

Size: 22.5cm high – 9 ins high / 30.5cm high – 12 ins high (with base)

Object History

Ex European Private collection

Object Literature

The moment of Resurrection is not recorded in the Gospels, but it is widely portrayed in the art of the Western Church. Christ emerges in glory from the Tomb, holding the banner of the Resurrection, a pole bearing a pennant with a red cross on a white background. His wounds are visible to confirm that ‘he’ is the Jesus who died, and to glorify the suffering ‘he’ endured.
This elegant depiction of the risen Christ is unusual in its gentleness and avoidance of details suggestive of Christ’s physical suffering. His musculature is smooth and strong showing no signs of emaciation. His torso forms a sinuous curve and the loincloth falling in folds echoes the sway of His body. His fluidly modelled arms and hands emphasise speech coming from His open mouth and His serene face, with unwrinkled brow, registers the agony is over.

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