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Selection of Antique gold gem set stick pins. Sold separately:
1. Belle Epoque period 15ct gold topped acorn stick pin set with a 3.50 mm natural pearl. 1.20cm high x 1.00cm wide. The gold pin measures 6.30 cm. Sold with retailers leather and silk lined box for Carrington & Co Jewellers Regent Street W. Circa 1905. £125.00

2. Art Deco period 15ct solid gold airedale terrier stick pin on the 9ct gold original 7.50 cm long pin2.20cm high x 2.70cm wide. 4.10 Grams. Placed in a period stick pin box. Circa 1925. £275.00 SOLD

3. Nineteenth Century 9ct gold framed beautifully carved cameo. 1.80cm high x 1.50cm wide. The gold pin measures 8.50 cm. Sold with C19th leather covered velvet lined stick pin box with retailers name of George Birlley Company late Manning Worcester. Circa 1865. £285.00

4. Nineteenth Century gold and turquoise stick pin 1.50 cm being 7.50cm in length. Placed in a period stick pin box. Circa 1895.  £110.00

5. Victorian 9ct gold stick pin 1.00cm diameter set with a small 2 point diamond to the centre. 6.50cm in length. Placed in an antique stick pin box. Circa 1895.  £60.00

6. Nineteenth Century stick pin set with three diamonds approximate total weight 10 points. 0.70cm high x 0.40cm wide. The three old cut diamonds are set in silver to the front gold to the back. The gold pin is 8.30cm in length. Nineteenth century stick pin box of Regent Jewellers Co Ltd. 99-151 Regent Street W1. Circa 1895.  £115.00

7. Belle Epoque period 15ct tagged stick pin set with natural pearl to the centre of a crop and reigns 1.00 cm high. The 6.70 cm Pin to back is 9ct gold. Placed in a period stick pin box. Circa 1905.  £95.00

8. Belle Epoque period stamped 15ct gold stick pin1.90cm wide set with diamonds and Burmese rubies. 7cm in length. Sold with retailers box”Jeweller By Appointment to The Duke of Norfolk and The Duchess of Norfolk H Brown 65 Market Place Sheffield. Circa 1905. £165.00

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