Interesting Silver Mounted German Saxony ‘Charivari’ a Talismianic Necklace


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Object Description

An Interesting Silver Mounted German Saxony ‘Charivari’ a Talismianic Necklace Composed of:
Two small Bezoar Seven pieces of Oak Root and Petrified Wood one with Silver Mount inscribed ‘Maritzburg 1882’ a Silver Mounted Dogs Tooth and Nine Silver Mounted Brown Bear’s Claw’s
The wood amulet dated 1885
The other amulets late 18th – early 19th Century

Size: 46cm long – 18 ins long

Object Literature

Amulets, from the latin ‘amuletum’ in turn taken from the Arabic noun ‘hamalet’ are believed by their wearers to lend power and provide protection. Special magical powers were ascribed to particular materials, with bezoar for example, able to detect poison.
Charivari are traditional with hunting dress in Saxony and Bavaria worn for the promise of a successful hunt. They became status symbols and treasured heirlooms believed to protect the owner from ill-fortune, danger and death. Passed down, the charivari went on ‘working’ for successive generations of a family.

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