Large Cypriotic Bronze Age Earthenware ‘Bilbil’

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Object Description

A fine Cypriotic earthenware pouring vessel known an ‘bilbil’, standing on a ring-shaped foot. The ample bulbous body raises into a long narrow neck terminating with a flared mouth. A strap handle, decorated with incised parallel lines, connects the spout to the pronounced shoulder. The vessel displays a burnished dark brown surface enriched by bands in white-buff paint, which are executed in groups of parallel lines. These form horizontal bands around the neck and a crisscross pattern along the body.

Date: Circa 1400 – 1200 BC
Period: Late Bronze Age II

Object History

From a German collection; acquired on the German art market before 1990. Then from a Surrey gentleman’s collection (DG), purchased on the London Art Market from an ADA member, formed 1990’s onward.

Object Condition

Very fine condition. A small chip to the base. Coarse surface due to particles in clay and minor chips; a scratch to the side of the body.

Object Details

  • material
  • dimensions
    W:13.1 x H:23 centimeters

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