Large Egyptian Faience Amulet of Taweret


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Object Description

A fine large Ancient Egyptian amulet depicting the goddess Taweret, carved from a vivid turquoise faience. She is depicted as a hippopotamus, complete with pendulous breasts and a pregnant belly. Her limbs are those of a feline, most likely a lion and her long tail represents a Nile crocodile. Her facial features are intricately rendered with incised eyes, snout and teeth. She strides forward with one foot in front, as is common with amulets. The base of this amulet has been lost, and only half her legs remain. Otherwise the amulet is well preserved. There is a large suspension loop at the upper back of the amulet.

Date: Circa 664 – 332 BC
Period: Late Period

Object History

Ex. Early 20th Century collection, UK

Object Condition

Good condition. The base of the amulet is missing, and there is a chip to her left arm. Earthy encrustations across the surface.

Object Details

  • dimensions
    W:1.9 x H:4.8 x D:1.5 centimeters

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