Laver Kirman Carpet - c. 1880

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Object Description

This elegant Laver Kirman has a creative pattern instead of the traditional central medallion motif.

The rare, green colour field compliments the drawing and array of naturally vegetable-dyed colours that have aged beautifully. It is framed by a tasteful border. Its remarkable silky wool together with high-knot density engenders the clarity and crispness of the drawing.

Nineteenth Century Kirman carpets, particularly those in the Laver group, are known for their technically superior weaves, delicate drawings and an incomparable range of varied colours. They are highly sought after and are often seen in grand historic houses in both Europe and the UK.

An elegant addition to a tasteful setting.

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Object History

This exquisite example was created before the commercialisation of carpet weaving and therefore bears the unique character of earlier examples of the 18th Century. The city of Kirman in north-east Persia has been the center of fine rug weaving since the 17th Century and enjoyed a renaissance in the 19th Century when rug weaving became more widespread.

Kirman established itself once again during this era as a centre of high-category weavings in the best Persian tradition.

Object Condition

This Laver Kirman carpet has had minor age-related restoration to a high standard but is in very good practical condition for everyday use.  It has still retained its outer borders on all sides.

Object Details

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