Luristan Bronze Master of the Animals Finial

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Object Description

A Luristan bronze finial of the ‘Master of the Animals’ type. The central anthropomorphic tube bears a Janus-head with prominent nose and ears, and he holds off a snarling beast on either side.

The Master of the Animals was a supernatural protector of game, the ruler of the forest, and the guardian of the entire animal kingdom. He is depicted as a human figure standing between the heads, necks, and stylised bodies of equestrian creatures presented in profile. The figure’s grasp on the animals has been interpreted by some as a sign of control.

The precise function of objects like this is unknown, and remains one of the mysteries of antiquity. Suggestions range from the religious – depictions of deities, idols, talismans, etc. – to the utilitarian – adornments for chariots or articles used in funerary rituals.

Object Condition

Very Fine condition; surfaces with accretions and consequently slightly rough.

Object Details

  • material
  • dimensions
    H:11.8 centimeters

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