Ma-Chang Type Majiayao Painted Jar

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Object Description

An extremely fine Neolithic Chinese terracotta jar, dating to the Ma-Chang phase of the Majiayao culture. The vessel’s piriform body tapers in towards the flattened, circular base. The shoulders curve inwards leading to a short cylindrical neck with an out-splayed everted rim. Two small lug handles have been applied to the body, one now blocked. The piece has been further enriched with geometric patterns painted in a dark pigment. The upper body features six large circles, each decorated with cross hatching. A thick horizontal band sits above the design while six are painted below. Curved semi-circles frame the lower part of the pattern. Zig-zag motifs are visible across the neck and the inside of the rim features a circular design.

Date: Circa 2350-2050 BC
Period: Neolithic Period

Object History

Acquired 1970s-1990s. Ex West Country collection.

Object Condition

Fine condition, minor scratches to the surface from age.

Object Details

  • dimensions
    W:29 x H:32 centimeters

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