Ming Transitional Blue and white Kraak Deep Charger


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Object Description

Transitional / late Ming blue and white deep saucer plate made at Jingdezhen for export to Europe during the reign of last Ming Emperor Chongzhen.
Painted to the centre with a Magpie which in Chinese mythology is an auspicious good luck bird with rock work and plants. The outside is typically decorated with panels of pomegranates, peaches and Chrysanthemums
Excellent colour and shape in perfect condition very fine example of type

It was thought that Kraak finished at the end of the Emperor Wanli’s reign but the discovery of the cargo referred as ‘The Hatcher Cargo’ which could be dated c1642 it was proved that this was not the case. This same design was found on that wreck although this is not a salvaged piece.

Object History

From a private collection

Object Literature

Rinaldi on Kraak porcelain is considered one of the most influential books on the subject see plate 102 for the same piece

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