Nabatean Red Terracotta Juglet

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Object Description

A fine Nabatean juglet moulded from red terracotta decorated with dark pigment. The vessel features a globular body leading to a short narrow neck and a splayed-out rim with a pinched sprout. The strap handle is attached from the shoulder to the rim following a smooth curve. The juglet sits on a discoid small foot. The body, neck and handle are enriched with stylised foliate motifs painted in dark pigment, unfortunately now faded on one side. The bright orange colour of the terracotta, as seen on this fine example, is characteristic of Nabataean pottery and it is caused by the high level of iron in the clay. This terracotta was probably produced soon after the conquest of the region by the Romans and used in a private context. Painted decorative motifs tend to disappear from terracotta wares after the Romanisation of the region.

Date: Circa 1st century AD

Object History

From the collection of a deceased gentleman prior to 1988; thence by descent.

Object Condition

Fine condition, restoration to the rim and small chip to lower body.

Object Details

  • material
  • dimensions
    W:7.3 x H:9.5 centimeters

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