Near Eastern Spindle Whorl Collection

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Object Description

A fine selection of Near Eastern spindle whorls, carved out of alabaster, and perforated vertically down the centre. Each whorl further features a domed profile with central grooved divisions.
Please note that these items are priced individually.

Object History

Spindle whorls were a useful accessory in many civilisations used in combination with the spindle. Coarse wool or other fibres would have been twisted around the spindle then spun and left to drop pulling the fibres and creating yarn. The whorl would have been attached to the spindle aiding the handler to control the speed of the process. The weight of a whorl would determine the force applied while the diameter dictated the amount of twists performed during a single spin. This technique for spinning dated from the Iron Age to the early post-medieval periods, henceforth, across the civilisations and ages, spindle whorls have been carved out of various materials, including: alabaster, amber, antler, ceramic, coral, bone, several different metals, wood and glass.

Object Condition

Very fine condition. Some wear due to age.

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