Neo-Sumerian Alabaster Kohl Pot with Lions

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Object Description

A delicate Neo-Sumerian alabaster kohl pot decorated with a frieze of parading lions. It features a small globular body tapering to a short neck with an everted rim. It presents a curved, convex base and the alabaster is a pleasing cream shade. The inside is polished smooth and has been carefully rendered by the craftsman. On the upper body, two naturalistically engraved lions are presented in low relief, depicted in a recumbent gesture, extending their forepaws ahead and balancing their weight on tucked hind legs. Their smooth body contour and muscular physique are conveyed in confident unbroken incisions. The two lions are presented in symmetrical composition; their prominent facial features are clearly carved, with curved incisions further embellishing their heads and representing their mane.

Date: Circa 2300 – 2000 BC

Object History

London and Geneva collection formed pre 1988

Object Condition

Excellent Condition, small chip on rim

Object Details

  • dimensions
    W:3.5 x H:3.5 centimeters

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