Neolithic Chinese Bird Vessel from the Qijia Culture

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Object Description

A finally potted Chinese orange terracotta vessel modelled in the shape of a bird and dating to the Neolithic period. The vessel sits on a flat base, its body modelled mimicking the shape of stylised a bird, featuring vestigial wings that act as handles as well as a tail with the same purpose. Its neck ends in a teardrop shaped opening, featuring an everted rim with a canal for the careful pouring of its contents. The body of the vessel features an etched decoration all over, probably replicating the plumage of a bird. This is an exceptional item, very well conserved and witnessing the great craftsmanship of Chinese potters from an ancient era.

Date: Circa 2200-1500 BC
Period: Neolithic Period

Object History

The C. Roger Moss OBE collection. The late C. Roger Moss OBE was a renowned art collector who, throughout the years, thanks to his determination and enthusiasm, was able to create an outstanding collection of artworks, most prominently from China and the Orient, but also from other cultures.

Object Condition

Extremely fine.

Object Details

  • material
  • dimensions
    W:18 x H:12.5 centimeters

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