Old Babylonian Plaque with Dog Fighting Scene

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Object Description

A finely moulded Old Babylonian earthenware plaque, featuring a dynamic relief of two rearing dogs locked in a fight, both on leashes held by attendants in kilts and headdresses. The floppy ears and curled tails identify the dogs as ancient mastiffs, which were favoured by the Babylonians for their ferocity as well as their loyalty. Although the dogs are depicted brawling, their owners restrain them both, with Babylonian culture providing the oldest evidence of dog collars and name tags. The reverse of the plaque in unworked, suggesting it may have been attached to the wall of a temple or shrine, possibly as a devotional object, or part of a wider narrative.
Date: Circa 2nd to mid 1st millennium BC

Object History

From an important collection, London, UK, 1970-1999; thence by descent. Accompanied by a copy of an old scholarly note, collection reference 0704.

Object Condition

Very fine. Some surface encrustations.

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