Object Description

1)Piments rouges dans un panier (s.8458)
Red peppers in a basket
2) Envelope in coloured crayons addressed to Gilberte Ducloud.
Medium: Coloured crayons on paper, Dark Green, Light Green, Yellow, Blue and red, dated 14/9/1957, dedicated “Pour Gilberte Duclaud, son ami” and signed by the artist in blue crayon. The drawing was originally folded into quarters and posted to the recipient which accounts for folds vertically and horizontally across the piece. On the verso of the frame can be seen the envelope in which it was posted addressed to Gilberte Duclaud. The envelope is stamped and dated 16/9/1957. Picasso himself wrote the address in coloured crayons which is a work of art in itself.
Size: 210 x 270 mms

Object History

The work comes with a certificate of authenticity by Claude Picasso dated 20/4/200
There is also a signed certificate from Gilberte Ducloud dated, Paris, 5th June, 1986. This certifies that the drawing was given to her as a present by Picasso to thank her for many exhibitions of his works in her different Galleries in Cannes between 1957 and 1967.
Note: Gilberte Duclaud, Director of Galerie 65, was the author of a book entitled “Ces peinters nos amis” which was published in the same year as this drawing was made. The book was published by Galerie 65. On the front cover it had a colour lithograph entitled “Dans l’atelier de Picasso” which had been printed by Mourlot Freezers. The book dealt with a number of different artists such as Buffet, Daboval, Dali, Pons, Mane Katz, Tinges and, of course, Pablo Picasso. Gilbert Ducloud was a considerable literary figure and had been painted in the 1920’s by Theofile Steinlen. The work may have had some sort of recognition of a quarrel. Red peppers obviously are very piquant and the artist, who loved metaphor, may have been making some sort of barbed comment with his gift to Gilberte. If this was the case it was patched up because we know that Picasso went on to make further exhibitions at her Gallery thereafter.
Condition: In good condition. The drawing was originally posted by the artist to the recipient and was folded vertically and horizontally to be placed in the envelope. The fold marks are visible.
The artist: Gift to Gilberte Ducloud
Gilberte Ducloud, Galerie 65, Cannes
3) Small French Auction: Osenat, Fontainbleu “L’Espirit du XX siècle” Lot 126 – sold for a very low price. Given the quality and attractiveness of this drawing we are unable to understand why it went so cheaply and we, ourselves, paid very much for the piece when we bought it in due course,. Similar quality works in larger auctions invariably sell for very considerably more then this one did. Suffice it to say that the buyer was exceedingly fortunate. Sometimes such strange things do happen in small auction houses which are not at all well publicised.
4) Paris Art Dealer
5) London Art Dealer

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