Qajar period tempera portrait of a Persian dignitary

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Object Description

This portrait of a Persian dignitary is an exquisite piece, which was created in the late 19th Century, under the Qajar dynasty (1789-1925). The portrait is painted in the style of a Persian miniature, or an illumination in an Islamic manuscript. The colours are wonderfully vibrant, the lighting uniform and forms flattened, resulting in a highly decorative piece.

The portrait depicts a bearded Persian man, wearing fine jewellery and sumptuous clothing. He is pictured from the chest upwards, in a half-length format, and his body is turned in a three-quarter view. The man is dressed in traditional Persian costume, including a pale pink robe with orange floral patterns, and a black and gold brocade short-sleeved jacket, which is lined with red fur. In his right hand, the man holds the richly-decorated handle of either of a staff or sword. He wears fine rings, as well as a pearl and emerald necklace and broach, pinned to his yellow turban. The broach features an elegant black and white feather plume, and the turban is topped by an orange brocade cap. The sitter is positioned against a bright blue background.

In the style of manuscript illuminations, the painting is contained within a decorative border. This is composed of orange stylised foliage and flowers with red centres, accompanied by Farsi inscriptions, contained within frames.

This portrait has been rendered in tempera (a pigment combined with egg and water) on paper. It is displayed within an elegant carved giltwood frame.

Paper- Height 70cm, width 53cm
Frame- Height 73cm, width 56cm, depth 2cm

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