Rare Egyptian Amarna Vulture Amulet in Lapis

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Object Description

An amulet of a vulture in the semi-precious stone lapis lazuli. The details of the feathers are finely defined, the eye in shallow relief. A ribbed and pierced loop on the top of the back of the bird. The reverse is flat, unmodelled.
A rare amulet from a sought after period.

The vulture was an example of an apotropaic amulet ie instead of giving protection, they represented the danger to be warded off. The vulture was very dangerous to any corpse for the simple fact they ate them.
Amarna Period was a short-lived period in the late Eighteenth Dynasty of the New Kingdom, circa 14th century BC. The period saw many innovations in the name and service of religion and the Amarna style was a significant and sudden break from its predecessor. The art style changed, becoming less formaised and developing a sense of movement and activity.

Amarna period: Circa 14th century BC.

Object History

Ex Foxwell family collection; 1920-1940

Object Condition

A horizontal break neatly repaired, half way up. Otherwise in Very Fine condition.

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