Object Description

A fine Roman bronze bust of god Serapis. Modelled to be mounted and affixed on a household or ritual item, features a hole for attachment in the bottom. Draped in Greek-style robe, bearded Serapis with long curls down to his shoulders wears a modius on his head. Modius was a flat-topped cylindrical headdress known in ancient Egyptian and Roman art.
Period: 2nd cent. AD

Object History

Serapis was an anthropomorphic god created by the pharaoh Ptolemy I. Ptolemy I chose Serapis to be the official god of Egypt and Greece. He hoped a common religious base would unify the two peoples and ease tension in the country. Serapis’ attributes were both Egyptian and Hellenistic. Serapis became very popular and his cult quickly spread from its centre in Alexandria.

Object Condition

Very fine.

Object Classification

  • material
  • dimensions
    H:6.2 centimeters

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