Roman Iridescent Glass Sprinkler Flask


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Object Description

An Ancient Roman sprinkler flask of light green glass with a particularly attractive pearly crust and iridescence to areas of the surface. The body is mould-blown in the form of a stylised bunch of grapes or pinecone. The flask features a flaring lip and short cylindrical neck with a small hole internally, and stands on a flattened base.

The neck constriction created by the small hole inside the neck permits only a drop of liquid to pass through at a time, hence the designation “sprinkler” or “dropper” flask.

At the height of its popularity in Rome, glass was present in nearly every aspect of daily life. It was a particularly favoured container for precious, valuable liquids, such as expensive oils, perfumes, and medicines, which were produced from all corners of the Roman Empire

Period: Circa 3rd century AD.

Object History

Private Mayfair, London collection, SM.

Object Literature

For a variant, compare no. 280; Roman and Pre-Roman Glass in the Royal Ontario Museum; Hayes.

Object Condition

Very fine, complete and intact

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