Romano-Egyptian Terracotta Female Head


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Object Description

A fine Romano-Egyptian terracotta fragment of a female head. She is portrayed in a neutralistic manner, with well defined facial features. Her facial features are naturalistically rendered, displaying full lips and large eyes. The woman’s hair is of a classic Roman style with a middle parting and a simple symmetrical design with her hair braided and placed in high knot. Mould-made in two sections, the fragment displays on its sides the lines where the two halves were attached together in antiquity. This portrait possesses a Hellenistic trait inheriting from both Roman and Egyptian culture, and is mounted on a clear stand. Two piercings are visible on either side of the face indicating large earrings.

Date: Circa 2nd century AD

Object History

From the collection of S.Gozlan, a professor at the Ecole Normale d’’Instituteurs de Chartes, and her descendants.

Object Condition

Fine condition, with a slight chip to the nose due to aging. Mounted on a custom-made stand. The head itself measures 5.6cm height.

Object Details

  • dimensions
    W:3 x H:9.4 x D:4.2 centimeters

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