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Object Description

Body : bronze cow bell , typewriter part, water tap filter and “Mobylette” metal signs
Rear Legs : Solex brakes , motorcycle hand controls, bike dynamo parts
Front Legs: motorcycle hand controls, cream chargers
Mouth: purse
Head: car headlight part
Eyes : car lights, bike dynamo parts, upholstery nail

These anatomically precise sculptures are individually and meticulously assembled from a huge array of found objects including car, motorbike and bicycle parts; each of the elements carefully selected to best portray the character and attitude of the creature. The result is an astonishingly lifelike and unique, contemporary animalier sculpture.

Martinet graduated in 1988 from ESAG in Paris and teaches at L’Institut des Arts Appliqué in Rennes. His home and workshop are in a remote farmhouse where he stores innumerable pieces of found objects; scrap metal and lights from cars, bicycles and scooters as well as household objects. Each of the sculptures is assembled using screws and nuts rather than simply welding, so allowing the positioning of the individual elements. Frequently a sculpture will be started only to have to be set aside for months or possibly years until his gaze falls upon a piece which he recognises as ideal for its completion.

Object Literature

Financial Times Smart Arts February 16 2013
Wall Street International September 2013

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