Silver Sauceboats

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Selection of solid silver sauceboats. Sold separately:

1.Solid Silver Sauceboat. 9.75cm high x 16.30cm wide. 6.22 Troy Ounces. Silversmiths: Frederick Augusta Burridge. London 1895. £145.00

2. Shaped heavy solid silver sauceboat on cabriole legs terminating in hoof feet. 9.00cm high x 16.00cm wide. 5.73 Troy Ounces. Silversmiths David and Maurice Davis Birmingham 1903. £145.00

3. Solid silver Sauceboat. 4.50cm high x 12.00cm wide. 2.84 Troy Ounces. Silversmiths William Neale and Sons. Birmingham 1931. £75.00

4.Small solid silver Sauceboat. 6.00cm high x 12.30cm wide x 6.80cm deep. 3.08 Troy Ounces. Silversmiths: Johnson, Walker. & Tolhurst Ltd. (Walter Walker & Brownfield Tolhurst) Aldergate Street, London. 1896 £110.00

5. Solid silver sauceboat. 5.00cm high x 13.50cm wide x 10.00cm deep .3.27 Troy Ounces. Silversmiths Henry Clifford Davis Birmingham 1907. £ 95.00

6. Silver heavy Sauceboat 11.00cm high x 18.75cm wide x 10.25cm deep. 8.95 Troy Ounces Silversmiths: Walker and Hall Sheffield 1902. £165.00

7. Heavy solid silver Sauceboat with shaped edge open handle and cabriole legs. 7.00cm high x 13.50cm wide x 10.00cm deep. 5.28 Troy Ounces. Silversmiths Mappen and Webb. Birmingham 1937. £165.00

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