Stunning late 19th century fine Laver KIrman carpet

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Kirman carpets represent one of the oldest and unbroken traditions of Persian rug weaving. Their designs and weaving techniques are remarkably faithful to the great achievements of 16th and 17th century Safavid weaving. During the 19th century, Kirman was recognised for exceptional rugs in the best Persian weaving tradition. Antique Kirman rugs of this period, especially the Laver group, are known for the fineness of their weaves, delicate drawings and an incomparable range of colours. Early pieces are often found in historic homes in the UK and Europe.

This elegant example has a unique overall design where each florla motif is cleverly repeated in a different shape and colour combination, complemented by over six individual borders. This elegant and versatile example is in very good condition withgood pile throughout. All its borders are intact on all sides, a remarkable for a rug of this age.

Object Condition

Very good condition.

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