Two Empire style gilt and patinated bronze candelabra

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Object Description

This majestic pair of gilt and patinated bronze candelabra are designed in the Empire style, which was popularised under Napoleon I (1769-1821). The art of the Empire period (1804-1814, 1815), when Napoleon was in power, often focused on the military and on lauding Napoleon’s campaigns. In furniture and the decorative arts, Imperial Roman motifs on the theme of war became increasingly fashionable, such as classical trophies—collections of weaponry and armour taken from a defeated enemy—and laurel wreaths, which were symbols of victory.

Each candelabrum features five lights, composed of scrolling, foliate patinated branches, topped by gilt drip-pans, and patinated urn-shaped capitals with gilt sconces. The patinated stems of the candelabra are decorated with gilt laurel leaf wreaths. Patinated sculptures of the classical Roman figures Mars, the god of war, and Minerva, the goddess of wisdom and strategy in war, stand next to the candelabra stems. They are dressed in full body armour, with Mars holding a sword, and Minerva a long spear, ready for battle. These figures stand on tall plinths, with gilt tops and bases, and patinated bodies decorated with gilt classical trophies.

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