Two large Renaissance style majolica drip-glazed urns on plinths

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Object Description

These urns on plinths have been crafted from majolica, a painted earthenware. The two have been finished with a drip-glaze, which means that the green and brown paint — which covers the urn and plinth bodies, and bases respectively — has been allowed to run. This has created a wonderful striped effect.

The green urn bowls are bell-shaped, and have been decorated with Renaissance style relief scenes. These depict classical female and male nudes, and putti, emerging from a wavy surface, possibly the sea. It is unclear what these scenes depict, but the figure of the man, who rides on the back of sea creatures and blows into a conch shell, is perhaps Neptune. Additionally, the woman who sits on a large shell, and who is accompanied by cherubs, is most likely Venus. The bowls stand on shaped, brown-painted socles.

Tall, columnar plinths raise the urns off the ground, and place them at a height where they can be admired at eye-level. These plinths have green shafts, which are decorated with relief scenes, similar to those on the urn bowls. Below, the circular bases are brown-coloured, and are ornamented with acanthus leaves.

These urns will look wonderful filled with flowers, or plants, or they could be enjoyed purely as works of art.

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