Two Meissen style decorative porcelain wall brackets

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These porcelain wall brackets are beautiful examples of Meissen style decorative art. Founded in Germany in 1710, Meissen was the first factory to produce true porcelain in Europe and they subsequently dominated the style of European porcelain wares in the first half of the 18th Century. Meissen style wares, like these wall brackets, often revive the 18th Century Rococo style, typically featuring brightly-coloured flowers and charming, modelled porcelain figures.

The wall brackets are fitted with wooden back-plates and covers, and their porcelain fronts are shaped like baskets, with pierced white bodies, interwoven with yellow and pink flowers. The lower bodies have been beautifully hand-painted with scenes of 18th Century courtship, depicting pairs of young lovers seated side-by-side in garden settings. These scenes are bordered by paintings of red and pink flowers. The brackets’ basket bodies are draped with flower garlands, composed of red, blue, purple, pink and yellow blooms and green foliage. Small, sculptural porcelain, semi-nude putti figures are seated at their bases. One figure holds a scythe and wheat sheaf – an image of harvest time in the autumn — and the other putto wears a fury hood and warms his hands on a fire, in a representation of winter.

With their colourful and delightful character, these wall brackets will enliven an interior, and enhance the beauty of the fine or decorative art object that is placed on top of them.

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