Vintage Parlour Golf Toy, Tommy Green by Schoenhut, Philadelphia


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Object Description

Schoenhut Indoor Golf Toy, Tommy Green.
This indoor golfer is called Tommy Green. He is a 6 ½” tall wooden golfing manikin attached to a 30 ½” wooden shaft. He is in complete original condition with one original white alloy Mashie and one celluloid golf ball. He has the original manufacturing plate on the shaft ‘Manufactured by ‘The A. Schoenhut Co., Pat. U.S.A. March 14. 1922, Foreign Patents Pending’. He comes with a paper ‘Schotten’ instruction booklet.
“Tommy” is so contrived that at the will of the player he can be made to execute an actual golf shot with the tiny club set in his hands. He plays exactly as you would on a regular course; he drives from the tee, approaches and putts. It is actual golf and his score is just what you make it, according to the skill with which you operate him.
He is operated by a lever which protrudes from the underside of the “Club”, just below the leather handle. The lever controls the movement of the miniature club in the manikins’ hand. Slide the lever downward and the club is drawn backwards, slide the lever up and a stroke is made, the force and direction depending on the operating player. Being the perfect player the manikin always keeps his eyes on the ball until the stroke has been made, the head will turn and ‘follow through’ and watch the course of the ball.
Interchangeable miniature clubs fit into the socket in the manikins hands and are held firmly in place by means of a spring. The ball used is a small celluloid ball, similar in appearance to a golf ball; it will do no harm to the furnishings of a home. A little experimentation will demonstrate to the experienced Golfer that the manikin can simulate even the most delicate intricacies of stance, stroke and swing. Similarly, the speed of the swing and its length are accurately reflected in the flight of the tiny ball. Many fine points become apparent after a few games with the Schoenhut golfer.

Schoenhut’s indoor golf game was originally introduced with only “TOMMY GREEN”; immediately there was a demand made by the female golf players that there should be a female manikin to give credit to their sex. To please the ladies “SISSIE LOFTER” was made. They came with four interchangeable clubs, Driver, Mashie, Niblick & Putter. Separate parts were available to complete your own course, teeing ground, sand box, plain bunker, mounded bunker, assorted sand traps, water hazard, flags, boundary signs, balls, and various styles of putting greens.

Object Condition

Very good and usable

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