Western Asiatic Electrum Pendant with Granules

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Object Description

A very fine Western Asiatic pendant with an electrum body, gold hoop, and granule decoration. This piece would originally have been a single earring which has been transformed, at some point in antiquity, into a pendant by the addition of a gold wire suspension loop. The main body of the pendant is formed of a triangular arrangement of electrum granules, each with a further miniature granule situated on both the front and back. The top of the triangle leads into a cylindrical stem with two concave discs attached at the base. These may have once held a semi-precious stone. At the top of the stem is another single granule and then a small twisted section where the gold wire hoop has been attached.

Date: Circa 1000 BC

Object History

Ex S.M. Collection, London, 1970-1999.

Object Condition

Excellent Condition. There’s some earthly residue in the crevices around the granules. This piece is suitable for modern wear with care.

Object Details

  • dimensions
    W:1.0 x H:1.9 centimeters

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